Environmental Policy

To have sustainable and open to developments futures,TEKNİK KİMYA DONATIM MAKİNE ENERJİ SAN ve TİC. A.Ş has embraced one of the most important responsibilities is to minimizing the side effects of all kinds of our activities against the environment.

In order to improve this responsibility;

Comply with all the local, national laws and regulations related to Environment.

During preparation the projects for the products and processes, the effects to the environment should be take into consideration and try to prevent the pollution from its sources.

Take precautions to reduce the consumption of Electricity, fuel and water.

Take precautions to reduce the solid, liquid and gaseous wastes results during our activities.

Reusing and recycling opportunities should be apply.

To achieve our environmental policy successfully, all our employees should be educated to raise awareness and individual responsibility,

To cooperate with national, local government agencies and other industry organizations to upgrade our environmental standards,

In order to make our range of products richer with environmentally friendly products every year in this subject the aims of research and development identify objectives to ensure sustainable development

TEKNİK KİMYA CO. employees work closely together to achieve the aim that be fixed according to the environmental policy.