Food Packaging Varnishes

In food packaging industry PP, PS, PVC, PET, APET, and combinations of plastic containers are laminated with heat sealing varnishes. Heat sealing varnishes contain solvents and resin composition after application they are odorless and suitable to food regulations.

Teknik Kimya' s Food Packaging Varnishes  Advantages

• They are economical
• Food grade
• Odorless
• Do not create a Pinhole

Products Table

Product Properties Application
Armalak Primer 110 PES Adhesive Primer Polyester Film
Armalak HS 512 PP Direct Adhesive to Aluminum PP Cups
Armalak HS 522 PS Mixed Of Acrylic And Vinyl Resins PS Cups
Armalak HS 533 PVC Vinyl Resins Mixture PVC Foil, Cups
Armalak HS 561 Universal Contains PVC Universal, Water Cups
Armalak HS 566 PES/W Does not Contain PVC Universal,  Water Cups
Armalak HS 571 Al/Al Lamination At Low Temperature Al/Al
Armalak HS 576 Al/Glass Contain PVC Al/Glass