Paints And Chemical Auxiliaries

Teknik Kimya paints for soles are solvent base with high elasticity and hiding power can be applied by spray gun, brush and dipping machines. According to the requests of wide range color and different matt degrees, the prepared paints are compatible with the requirements of fast work and high resistance. All desired colors, are produced in accordance with the relevant standards.

Teknik Kimya Polyurethane Sole Paints

• Spray paints
• Dipping Paints
• Varnishes
• Brushable Paints

Teknik Kimya Thermoplastic Paints

• Thermo Antique Paints
• Matting Agents for Thermo Plastic Soles( Termomat)

Teknik Kimya PVC Sole Paints

• Primer paints
• Varnishes
• Burshable Paints

Teknik Kimya Sole Pigment Pastes

Teknik Kimya Soel Dye-Stuff Solutions

Teknik Kimya Sole Varnishes

Teknik Kimya Sole Paints Additives

Teknik Kimya Heel Paints