Liquid Masterbatch

Teknik Kimya Liquid Masterbatches are formulated with special binders to be suitable for different kinds of polyurethane systems. The organic and inorganic pigments are chosen meticulously with a high light fastness and good stability to produce all the colors with different tones. According to the request, products can be formulated for different processes and systems.


Teknik Kimya Liquid Masterbatches are phthalate free and appropriated according to EU Phthalates Directive 2005/84/EC. All of these products are formulated with eco-friendly and ecological raw materials.

Teknik Kimya Liquid Masterbatch Application Fields

• Polyurethane Shoes
• Polyurethane Soles
• Polyurethane Slippers
• Polyurethane Insole (Fussbett)

Teknik Kimya Liquid Masterbatch Advantages

• Economical
• Phthalate free
• High color strength
• Stabile viscosity
• Compatible with polyether and polyester systems
• Fluid

• Ready-to-use

• Eco-friendly