Releasing Agents

In Turkey, Teknik Kimya with 25 years experience is the first domestic company that has achieved the production of mould release agents for various polyurethane systems. These release agents are suitable for flexible, rigid, semi rigid foam, integral, RIM, R-RIM, S-RIM elastomeric polyurethane systems which are used in automotive, furniture, shoes, and insulation sectors. The releasing agents have high power mould release and low spots. According to the application areas, water and solvent-based release agents are produced.

Teknik Kimya release agents can be use as high solid or ready to use.

Teknik Kimya Mono Density Release Agents

• Shoes - Base
• Footware Soles
• Slippers

Teknik Kimya Double Density Release Agents

• PU - PU
• PU - TPU
• PU - Rubber
Release Agents are manufactured for three different polyurethane systems.

Teknik Kimya Insole Release Agents

Teknik Kimya Eva Release Agents

Teknik Kimya Eva Release Agents